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Saturday, 24 February 2018





Minor Atom AA    Chris Robbins    647-206-1561         Minor Bantam AA  Dave DeMelo  416-702-6356

Atom AA          Mark Turkiewicz  905-277-2736           Bantam AA            Mike Yacynuk  905-279-3308  

Minor Peewee AA  Jeff Whitaker     416-995-1903      Minor Midget AA   Omar Kosova  416-807-0193

Peewee AA        Sean baker       289-937-6391            Midget Jr AA        Doug Small    416-456-9344



Director         Murray Small                     President        Peter Johnson   905-814-1027

Director         Murray Glassford                GM               Mike Yacynuk

Vice president   Lloyd Pounder                 Vice President     Mark Turkiewicz                                                    


We ask that each parent read the following sections carefully for they outline the policies and practices which

govern the operation of our hockey teams. Further details may be found at the Club website www.mississauganorthstars.ca



 Most practices will be held at Hershey or Tomken Arenas during the following times:

         SATURDAY:        Mornings

      SUNDAY:                 Mornings

      WEDNESDAY:          Evenings

There will be rotation of practice times when a  scheduled game in the GTHL conflicts with a team's regular

practice time.  Each team should receive an minimum of 1.0 hours per week.



 Your registration fee covers items 1, 2, 3 only:


 1.   Equipment

 All Mississauga North Stars Hockey Players will be equipped with the following items:


2 game sweaters( kept at year-end) home/away, 2 pairs game socks, 1 practice sweater.

Goalies  are required to supply their own equipment with the exception of socks, and sweaters.   Each player is

required to care for and maintain his/her equipment and uniform  in a reasonable state of repair and cleanliness.

 All players must wear equipment and uniforms consistent  with official team colours.


 2.   Practice Ice  (During regular league and playoffs)

      Minimum of 20 weeks, 1.0 hour average each week.  (No practice between Christmas/New Year's).


 3.   Miscellaneous Expenses

      a) Registration & Insurance charges                   d) Mounted team and player picture

      b) Player banquet and awards                    e) Playoff practice ice

      c) Annual dinner-dance subsidized for

        two parents per family                             f) Equipment bag on initial registration




The Club registration for all hockey players will be $1350.00.  Discount of $50.00 per player if two or more

siblings join the Club. Payment will be $650 minimum at time of signing, $700 at the end of August. No

equipment/uniforms will be handed out until Club registration is paid in full.


The North Stars do not release players during the season unless there are severe parent or player behavioural

 problems, or strongly mitigating reasons.  These players, or others whose season is cut short due to injuries,

 illness or movement outside the jurisdiction of the GTHL, may receive a refund prorated against the amount of

 practice time used by their team while they were available to play. No refunds will be issued if registration fees

are in arrears. No refunds will be issued for players who quit on their own accord or are released on appeal. The

Club has no obligation to release on request and the final decision will be solely up to the General Manager and

the President. Letters of Permission to Skate will be granted where needed provided that all equipment and

financial obligations have been satisfied.



It is expected that all parents and coaching staffs will contribute to any fund raising or social events. The cost of

 the  benefits received in the Club registration package is higher than the registration fee. This means that the

balance of the funds must be generated through fund raising activities and sponsors. The North Stars primary

 fund raising is done  at Delta Mississauga Bingo.

 Every team has the opportunity to provide sufficient personnel to properly administer at least four bingos

 yearly. These bingos could occur at any time from May to April. An additional opportunity is the silent auction

 during the Fall Dinner-Dance. To encourage auction sales based on significant attendance, each family is

  required to sell two $50 tickets to non-Club members.



There will be a Fall Dance plus a Year-End Awards Banquet, scheduled  for early November 2016 and April  











All coaches and players will abide by the Hockey Canada and GTHL rules and regulations plus the following Club



1.  a)   There will be no more than 18 hockey players signed per team.  (Except Midgets to Juveniles).

There will be a minimum of 15 players on each team, including two goaltenders.

      b)  The Head Coach of each team has sole operating responsibility. His staff will include a Trainer, Manager,

one or more Assistants and a Team Mother. Club policy is that no members of coaching staffs will receive

       direct or indirect monetary assistance or other personal benefits unless specifically so stated in the Club-approved

Team Budget.

      c)  Managers of each team will act as team convenors.  Any issues concerning Club or Team policies, or a

      player or parent problem will be dealt with first by the Manager.  Should the issue not be resolved, both

      parent and Manager will submit this problem to the President for a decision.  If the particular problem is of

      such a nature that the parents feel that it should be brought immediately to the attention of the President,,

      then they may contact P. Johnson (905-814-1027), to outline the circumstances and obtain a meeting time

      for presentation. Final feedback must be forthcoming within 15 days.

    d) The calling of team meetings and their freqency shall be the responsibility of the coaching staff.

    e) Each team will prepare and administer team rules and an annual supplementary budget in accordance

      with GTHL Rules 5.11 and 5.12 .These will be pre-approved by the President and General Manager


 2.   The actual coaching and teaching should be left to the coaching staff.


 3.   It is the responsibility of parents to provide transportation to the practices and games.  If the player does

 not have transportation, alternative arrangements should be made (e.g. with other team parents).


 4. It is most important that all team members make each game and practice. Absence from a practice or game  

should be first arranged by parents with the coach.  In the case of sickness, the coach should be notified.

 It is suggested that any winter holidays taken by a player should occur during a time which will not interfere

 with the end of the season drive or playoff activity.  This is in fairness to the other team members.


5. The disciplining of a player during practice and games will be the coach's responsibility.  It is understood

that the North Stars may  bench , suspend or release a player for disciplinary reasons.  However,  in any  

given situation  the parent should be informed of the reason for benching or any other disciplinary action 

by the coach.


6. The coaching staff will endeavour to provide each team member a fair amount of ice time during games.

However, there are certain times during a game where a player may double shift due to penalties, player  

 absence, power plays, etc.


7. Players will be selected on the basis of ability and personality.  The North Stars Hockey Club feels that an

equally important selection factor is the attitude of parents towards participation and co-operation with the coaches and



8. Directors and Officers of the Club are entitled to receive reasonable compensation for their non-Directoral

efforts provided that their expenses and/or  workloads justify such compensation.The Club may not incur debt

to support any such payments.


9. The Club  purchases goods and services on the basis of a combination of price, service and quality,

  Final selection follows a bidding process tempered by past experiences. No hidden benefits may accrue

to Directors, Officers or Team officials or their immediate families. . However, these individuals are free to

participate in an open selection process and to become suppliers if they offer the best value to the Club.

 At  present, Murray and Stephen SmalI are suppliers through their ownership of The Trophy Shop.


 10. All players and parents are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the rules of hockey,of the

Mississauga North Stars and with standard norms of society. Players or parents who persist in

breaking these rules and norms will be subject to disciplinary action depending upon the severity of the  

issue ,up to and including long-term suspensions. In particular, suspensions should be expected for

deliberate injury  or attempts to injure team-mates or opponents,persistent use of foul or derogatory 

 language, failure to   co-operate in practices, games or pre-game and dressing-room activities, and

 malicious or destructive behaviour against property.Parents are also responsible for all financial  



    11. Use of the Club name, colours or logo in any manner is prohibited without the specific approval of the



  We invite any parent or player to discuss their hockey situation or the Policies and Practices of the Mississauga

   North Stars  Hockey Club with any of the Coaches , Directors, or Officers.




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