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Saturday, 24 February 2018
Mississauga North Stars Hockey Club
1970 – 2010 (Incorporated 1976)
In 1970, Bruce Tinsley, Jim Duck and Bill Berlet entered a Minor Atom B team in the MTHL as a representative of the Lorne Park Hockey Association.  The association with Lorne Park lasted until the end of the season when a separate organization was founded as the Mississauga North Stars. That first season is particularly notable because we advanced to the Western Finals by beating out the Mississauga Reps after forming our team from Rep cuts.

In 1971-72 the new organization entered 2 teams,  Minor Atom & Atom B and the Minor Atoms won the City Championship.
The North Stars added teams each year and eventually became the largest MTHL Club in Mississauga.  Our Juveniles started in 1982-83 and did so well that they were elevated to AAA status after the first season and have since won 4 All Ontario Championships, and sent a long list of players into Junior Hockey.

Peter Johnson assumed the role of General Manager in 1981 from Ed Juras . Doctor Peter Strachan became the President in 1986, suceeding  Bill Berlet, with a 2 year stint in between by Tony Gibb. In 1999, Peter Johnson moved to the role of President with Mark Turkiewicz  coming on board as General manager. Stephen Small became GM in 2006.

The Mississauga North Stars were incorporated in 1976 as a non-profit organization and all funds are put back into the Club for the benefit of our boys. Since inception our policy has been to provide competitive hockey without a ‘win-at-all-costs’ philosophy; teach sound hockey skills and above all, ensure each player is treated fairly and has an enjoyable hockey experience.

The North Stars have an enviable track record; from 1988 we have had the highest winning percentage in the GTHL West.  37 Carnation Cups ( first place ),,  32 City Championships, 7 All Ontario/OHF Championships, 7 silver or bronze All Ontario/OHF awards, 12 Silver Stick Championships, in excess of 170 tournament titles, an Ontario Winter Games Bronze Medal and a European Cup.

Our milestone seasons have included a league-leading winning percentage over 72%. In 1991 we had 7 teams in the West Final, 6 teams in the City Finals, 4 City Champs, and 3 teams at the All Ontario Finals.
In 2003, our Bantams were honored as Team of the Year by the Mississauga Sports Council, after their OHF Gold Medal win and 11 championships that year.
Tony Callam and Peter Johnson have both been named " Mississauga Sports Volunteer of the Year" and  have a spot in the Mississauga Sports Council Hall of Fame as proud North Stars representatives.

Over the years over 6000 players have filled the North Stars uniform with pride, heart, character and dedication.
37 years of winning has built our foundation and has continuously ‘raised the bar’ that marks the level of dedication and commitment necessary to be a North Star.

The torch is now passed to this year’s North Stars to ensure that the tradition built by so many hands will carry on. 
Mississauga North Stars Hockey Club
President                   Peter Johnson
Vice President          Lloyd Pounder
Directors                    Murray Small, Murray Glassford
Vice president          Mark Turkiewicz
General Manager     Stephen Small
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